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Web Design Process 10 Steps to a Great Website

Ruby Creek Design has developed a process that we use to plan, design, and produce a website in an efficient manner.


Initial Consultation

Our first meeting is an exchange of information and typically lasts about one hour. It usually takes place at your location or by phone and is free and without obligation.



After the initial consultation, if you decide to proceed, we will determine the extent of the work and prepare a proposal and cost estimate. We may need further communication via phone or e-mail to clarify the nature and scope of the work to be done.


Acceptance of Agreement

If the proposal and estimate are satisfactory, Ruby Creek Design will prepare a standard contract including a detailed description of the work to be done and a cost estimate. Approximately 1/3 of the total cost is due at this time.


Website Work Begins

At this point, we begin to gather both graphic (logo, pictures, banner, etc.) and text content, and initial design concepts are started. Ruby Creek Design will help coordinate this effort. However, it is important to note that this requires a fair amount of commitment on the client’s part. Even if you don’t write the text or create the graphics yourself, you will need to be involved in the process so that you will be happy with the final product.


Design of Website Structure and Navigation

Concurrent with gathering of graphic and text content, we will begin work on the structure and navigation of the website.



Based on the information that we learned during the initial consultation and the content that we’ve gathered, page layout and visual design are started. The home page is designed first, since this is usually the most important website page and also sets the tone for the rest of the pages.

As we develop the initial drafts, we upload the web pages to a private website where the client can view them. Based on the client’s feedback, we will generate another iteration and once again solicit the client’s feedback until we are both happy with the design.


Detailed Design

Once the general concept and design of the web pages are agreed upon, we will start the detailed design process which includes using the draft page design as the basis for the rest of the web pages, making fine adjustments for a perfect layout, and generating the code for any dynamic pages.


Final Website Testing

Before the website is launched, it is thoroughly tested on all major browsers and at various screen resolutions including desktop monitors, tablets, and smart phones.

Of course, we encourage our clients to also review the website for minor changes and corrections.


Website Launch

Finally, the website is ready to go, and we upload the website to the server and go “live.” The balance of the payment is due at this time.


Website Maintenance

We will gladly handle ongoing website maintenance. The fee for this will be based on the amount of work required.