Web Design Process How we work

Here is an overview of the web design process. If you are new to designing websites, click here to view a more detailed description of how we work with our clients.

Identify Goals

  • Identify and research target audience.
  • Analyze competition
  • Determine functional requirements
  • Define overall scope and timing

Create Structure, Content, and Design

  • Define organization of site
  • Design navigation system
  • Write and/or edit content

Design and Prototype

  • Design samples for your review
  • Begin any special programming
  • Review sample pages and revise as necessary

Build and Test

  • Build all necessary pages
  • Test for functionality across various platforms and browsers

Launch Website

  • Website goes "live"
  • Final tweaks are made

Promote and Maintain Website

  • Market your website for higher visibility
  • Update your website with fresh content
  • Track your website's effectiveness and statistics